BioLumic UV technology triggers agronomic traits which increase yield and grower profitability.

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BioLumic UV is a one-time treatment for transplant crops at nursery stage. Trials with more than 15 million seedlings have shown BioLumic UV can increase crop yields by more than 10%.

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1 Nursery seedling treatment

BioLumic UV is a single application delivered via a moving light array running above a crop for 7 consecutive days. The device operates independently and does not affect any greenhouse operations.

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2 Treatment response

As crops are prepared for transplanting, the advantages of BioLumic UV application are evident.

The seedlings treated with BioLumic UV are hardier and more compact with increased root growth preparing them to thrive post-transplant.

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3 Field performance

Following transplant into the field BioLumic UV has been shown to result in increased early vigour, growth rates and consistency. This combination results in increased crop yields.

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yields for
iceberg lettuce

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sweeter, healthier strawberries

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