Increasing yields sustainably is what drives us at BioLumic.
Our technology uses a ground-breaking culmination of photobiology, engineering and data science. We have a team of plant scientists, agronomists, engineers and data scientists based in the United States and New Zealand working every day to maximise the power of UV.

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Warren Bebb, Chief Executive

Warren Bebb is an experienced marketer and business development professional, including overseas posts with NZ’s biggest multi-national. He has spent the last 13 years working in start-ups and brings considerable early stage market development and commercial expertise to the company.

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Dr Jason Wargent, Chief Science Officer

Dr. Wargent is a world leading applied plant UV photobiologist who has focused his career on the responses of plants and horticultural systems to UV light. Dr. Wargent has published major studies describing the agronomic benefits which UV light can provide.