Many of the world’s fruit and vegetable crops start life in a nursery environment and are then transplanted into the field or other location to be grown to final harvest. At BioLumic we harness and apply UV light to seedlings, unlocking a plant’s true potential.

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The Power of UV Photomorphogenesis

Plants have been evolving ways to acclimate to UV light for more than 400 million years. Because UV is the most intensely energetic part of sunlight, plants have highly tuned photobiological signalling pathways, which induce a range of positive acclamatory responses to UV. These photomorphogenic responses involve the action of more than 100 known genes across different plant functions and overlap strongly with desirable traits for agriculture.


Generating Phenotypes

Developing our UV applications to seedlings is much harder than flicking on a light switch. From a potential combination of more than a quintillion UV Recipe factors, we systematically target and screen plant phenotypes across our crop database using proprietary photobiological science and phenotyping approaches.

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Developing UV recipes

As new UV Recipes are developed, our product development pathway moves those promising treatments through a series of validation stages. These stages include glasshouse and independent scientific field trials, adding to our global data warehouse and characterising the ability of a new treatment to increase crop yield and quality, in a specific region of the world, for a specific season.

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Turning on seeds

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High-value agricultural traits