The World's First UV Crop Enhancement System 

Short-term treatments for long-term results. BioLumic's UV Treatments are applied to young plants, priming them to thrive and survive.  BioLumic uses short-term environmentally friendly treatments to trigger long-term improvements in yield, disease and pest resistance and enhanced colour and flavour profiles.

26% Average Yield Improvement. Grower trials with two of the largest lettuce growers and processors in Australia & New Zealand improved yields by 26%.  Lettuce seedlings were treated in the nursery and then planted outdoors.  The yield gains were recorded at harvest, eight or more weeks after treatment.

Light treatments for plants grown outdoors. Standard horticultural lighting must be constantly maintained above plants for them to benefit.  Plants treated by BioLumic continue to receive the benefit of UV Treatments long after that treatment has ended.

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Flexible and Powerful UV Treatment Systems

BioLumic UV Treatment Systems are developed in conjunction with growers for growers. We work with large scale producers to optimise targeted outcomes and economic returns. 
BioLumic UV Treatment Systems are able to be incorporated into existing production systems (eg. glasshouses) or can be installed in new controlled environment systems (with or without existing visible light).

World Leading Science

BioLumic’s expertise is built upon world leading science. UV radiation is now emerging as a powerful environmental factor, which can regulate numerous responses in living organisms. BioLumic exploits unique scientific understanding in our recipe development programme, where detailed UV treatment protocols are optimised for specific beneficial outcomes. BioLumic’s recipes focus on critical components of production, including plant nutrition management. Our scientific teams are regarded as global experts in the research field of agronomic responses to UV radiation.

BioLumic UV Treatment Outcomes

  • Increased yield of row crops and transplanted crops
  • Increased fungal disease resistance in transplant seedlings
  • Colour and taste enhancement in indoor grown products 

Invest in higher returns and better quality crops today

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