The Power of UV

The concept that UV radiation is very damaging to all life on earth has been turned on its head after more than a decade of research into its beneficial effects.

At BioLumic we develop UV lighting technology for use in agriculture. Our expertise lies in the integration of UV photobiology and engineering into UV Treatment Systems which increase returns for growers. 

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The Power of UV

Visible Light

The role of ‘visible’ light in the growth of plants is very well known. Red and blue light are utilized by plants for photosynthesis, and many artificial lighting systems for plant growth exploit one or both of these colours to enhance plant productivity. Light is also used by plants as a ‘signalling’ system.  Plants use light to understand their surrounding environment, and to make constant adjustments to their growth and development. Such adjustments can be commercially desirable outcomes.  Artificial lighting systems can be used to target such valuable benefits.

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UV is a Key Mechanism

UV light is a key component of sunlight, and is a more energetic form of radiation than red or blue light. Despite the limited understanding of the effects of UV light on plants in the past, it is now known that exposure to UV light can lead to a wide range of outcomes in plants and associated factors, such as insect pests and plant diseases. Such outcomes include changes in plant growth, cropping density, taste, colour, shelf life, and resilience to yield-limiting stresses which are an everyday problem within all crop production industries.

UV Treatment Systems

Biolumic’s proprietary UV Treatment systems offer, for the first time, an effective range of solutions for large-scale horticultural and algal producers who are attracted by the ability that UV light treatments provide to enhance yield and accentuate desirable characteristics. Our technologies and light recipes are being developed by scientists who are global leaders in the exploitation of fundamental responses to UV light within large scale horticultural systems.
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