BioLumic has developed UV recipes and UV devices to apply UV treatments to a range of different crops. UV Treatments increase yields, improve quality, and improve resistance to disease.  BioLumic UV Treatments put control over key beneficial outcomes into the hands of growers and producers in a way that has not been available before now. 



Hardier, more productive crops

Crop losses are routinely due to low levels of plant hardiness, particularly during a field transplantation stage. Low plant hardiness can be caused by factors such as elongated shoot hypocotyls, and low rates of leaf weight per unit of leaf area. UV radiation is an established trigger for hardiness factors, and for increasing healthy compaction of plant growth habits, which can increase planting density. BioLumic’s UV recipes precisely target such responses, increasing crop hardiness and final performance.

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Increased Produce Quality 

Ensuring maximum returns from agricultural produce requires consistent and high quality products from production through to the consumer. Reductions in quality can frequently be caused by post-harvest disorders and limited shelf life, reduced produce taste and colour, and other supply chain concerns such as human food-poisioning pathogen contamination. BioLumic UV recipes provide control over a variety of aspects of produce quality, providing an effective quality control system.

Disease and insect resistance

Crop disease infection and insect pest damage are two of the most signifcant crop loss factors worldwide, yet the key control strategy of chemical spraying is costly and often a target of production compliance restrictions. Crops are particularly vulnerable to pest and disease attack during nursery, field transplantation, or indoor growth stages of production.  BioLumic has employed the latest scientific understanding to develop UV recipes and treatments to induce systemic plant resistance to key pathogens, and insect feeding deterrence in seedlings at key vulnerabilty points. 

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Maximised Algal Productivity

Algaculture is heavily reliant upon optimised algal growth rates, minimised impacts of light-driven photoinhibition, and maximised production of desired algal extracts. BioLumic UV treatments are being developed to control (‘restrict and upregulate’) different stages of algal growth cycles, induce metabolic protection against light-induced cellular stress, and to drive biosynthesis of desirable algal bio-products. Controlling bio-product synthesis in such a powerful way ensures increased algal biomass purity, and can ensure high returns from a high-input system, such as pharmaceutical and health supplement production, and fuel manufacture.

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