About us

BioLumic is a privately held startup company based in Palmerston North, New Zealand.  Biolumic’s focus is on unlocking the unrivaled potential of UV light exposure for large growing concerns across the globe.  

Our science and technology are based on over 10 years research into plant/UV interactions by our founder, Dr Jason Wargent.  Our team of scientists and engineers' expertise lies in the translation of world-leading science into products that have a significant positive effect on growing operations.  

World Leading Science

BioLumic’s expertise is built upon world leading science. UV radiation is now emerging as a powerful environmental factor, which can regulate numerous responses in living organisms. BioLumic exploits unique scientific understanding in our recipe development programme, where detailed UV treatment protocols are optimised for specific beneficial outcomes. BioLumic’s recipes focus on critical components of production, including plant nutrition management. Our scientific teams are regarded as global experts in the research field of agronomic responses to UV radiation.


Innovative Solutions

Our product development focuses on combining the best available technology into reliable solutions that are easy for operators to provide outstanding results.  Reliability, Usability and Results are at the fore of our product design.


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mail  info@biolumic.com

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